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C-Dub Time-Speed-Distance Navigation Challenge:
Saturday October 15, 2016
Middleton to Dodgeville

Event Details:
Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) meets Enduro Navigation

- Event Details:
    * Awards given to top 3 teams in each class
    * See Facebook for more details: click here

- Previous Route Details:
    170 turns in 200 miles in 2011,
    200 turns in 220 miles in 2012,
    230 turns in 230 miles in 2013,
    170 turns in 265 miles in 2014,
    210 turns in 270 miles in 2015,
    and 2016 will be....??

- Cheese Wheel Event Disclaimer: here


C-Dub 101:
Our T.S.D. Rally Setup

- TSD Rally Instructions: here

- Timing Example: here

- Tulip Turn Notes Example: here


Support Our Cause:
Start gathering Event Pledges - get rewarded!

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RETURNING TEAMS: $75 for Team (Driver and Co-Driver), $100 Team with 1 Passenger, $125 Team with 2 Passengers

NEW TEAMS: $60 for Team (Driver and Co-Driver), $85 Team with 1 Passenger, $110 Team with 2 Passengers

Registration covers: Event Entry Fee, Rally Lunch, Awards at the end, and Rally Numbers for windows.

Registration Deadline: by 11:59pm October 13th


Have a CLASS, TEAM NAME, and 2 RALLY #'s (00-999) ready before registering
CLASSES: "Top Fuel Wizards" or "Pro Stock Ninjas"

Ninjas: compete using navigation aids only - GPS/Maps
Wizards: compete using navigation and average
speed calculation aids - GPS/Maps/Tables/Apps

Pay securely and safely online instead of mailing money!! To register please click link above and enter all contact/team/vehilce information. Once details are submitted you will then be asked to make a registration selection and proceed to PayPal for payment. You do not need a PayPal account to pay online. Simply enter your contact info and payment details (debit card/credit card/bank account) securely on their website and they take care of the rest!

After payment is received we will contact you to confirm your registration.

Contact us with questions: cheesewheelinc@gmail.com (click email)




2015 C-Dub Time-Speed-Distance Challenge Winner COULD BE YOU!